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Microsoft Windows 8 BUILD keynote

Live from Microsoft's BUILD conference.

  • Check back on September 13th at 12:00PM ET / 9:00AM PT for live coverage from the BUILD keynote.

  • And we're in our seats!
  • Pumping upbeat music while Build sizzles across the screen.
  • President of Windows Steven Sinofsky's out on stage!
  • "
    We are pretty excited... wait, this is MIcrosoft. We're super excited to be here today!"
  • He's really excited.
  • We've got Windows 7 stats up first -- nearly 450,000,000 copies of Windows 7 sold, Windows 7 is finally surpassing Windows XP in terms of consumer usage
  • According to Steven, there have been 1,502 changes to Windows 7 -- not including security fixes.
  • Internet Explorer 9 is the fastest growing Windows 7 browser. Good to know. "All those fish swimming around really mean something."
  • Steven wants to talk about the changing world of computing.
  • He's talking about new form factors, how tablets are pushing the envelope. "Touch is unbelievable."
  • "As soon as you use touch on a PC, you want touch on all your PCs."
  • "I promise you, the minute you use a touch device with Windows 8, the moment you go back to your laptop or desktop, you'll have fingerprints all over your screen."
  • More connectivity between apps, more connection to customers... he's hinting at the Contracts we saw in our Windows 8 Developer Preview:
  • Two major improvements in WIndows 8, he says -- and the first one is that it's improving on Windows 7 directly. Everything that runs on Windows 7 will run on Windows 8.
  • Second, they've reimagined Windows. ""Windows 8 reimagines what WIndows can be."
  • We're sure "reimagine" is going to be a buzzword today -- he's throwing out all sorts of things, such as support for ARM chipsets, the new form factors, the user experience, as part of this reimagining.
  • "All of the demos we're going to show you today work equally well on ARM as they do on x86."
  • He's going down the agenda for the day. We're going to get four major demos, and discussions of Metro, hardware, and cloud services.
  • He's addressing supposed worries that Windows 8 will lose its fundamentals and made programming more difficult.
  • He's showing off an old Lenovo netbook, running Windows 8.
  • He ran Windows 7 against Windows 8 and took screenshots of the Task Manager on the same Lenovo earlier, he says -- 404MB and 32 processes used on Win 7, 281MB of memory and 29 processes
    on the exact same hardware using Windows 8.
  • He's saying WIndows 8 has a lighter footprint, basically.
  • Next up, Julie Larson-Green to demo the user experience.
  • She swipes up the Windows lockscreen, enters her password, and now she's on the Start screen. "The Start screen is Windows," she says.
  • It's Windows Phone 7's live tiles everywhere here, of course -- pictures of people, moving stock tickers and RSS feeds are the actionable icons.
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